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Highland Full Cream Milk Powder 400G

Araliya Supiri Keeri Samba 5KG
Wheat Flour 1kg
White Sugar 1kg
Lankasoy Malu Soy 1pack 90g
Lankasoy Chico soy 1 pack 90g
Lifebuoy Total Soap 100G
Lux Soap 100G
Ceylonta Tea 200G
Dhal 1kg
Surfexcel 1kg
Wijaya Chillie Pieces 100G
Wijaya Chilli Powder 100g
Wijaya Curry Powder 100g
Papadam 50g
Vim Dishwash liquid antibacterial 500 ml
Chickpea 500g
Red Cowpea 500g
Prima Kottumee Instant Noodles Hot & Spicy Flavour 80g x 5 packs
Nestomalt Malted Food Drink 400G

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